Supported H.264 video files with latest firmware v1.1.4

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Some H.264 video files are not played with the latest firmware v1.1.4

Sigma Chipsets, that are assembled in the KiSS 1600 players, support H.264 video files coded only on the following profiles and levels :

BP @ L3 (Baseline Profile at Level 3)

MP @ L4.0 (Main Profile at Level 4.0)

HP @ L4.0 (High Profile at Level 4.0)

(Sigma has implemented in the latest KiSS 1600 firmware (v1.1.4) a H.264 Level check: if the Level is above 4.1 the player shows the Unsupported codec message. That is actually the right thing to do in regards to the H.264 coding standard. It may happen that some encoders save H.264 files by default with the Level 5.1, although actually the Level is something else. It may cause that the KiSS 1600 with the latest firmware does not support them. For this reason KISS is looking at removing this H.264 Level check from the next KiSS 1600 firmware release(this would to be done in agreement with Sigma Design).