PC-Link 3.0.5 - Adding support for new extensions in PC-Link

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KiSS PC-Link 3.0.5 - how to add support for new extensions in PC-Link:

By default KiSS PC-Link 1600 supports the following file extensions (i.e. you may browse for files with the following extensions when loading them into the PC-Link).

But in an easy way you may add other extensions that will be supported when browsing for files to be added.

Click the Files >> Settings menu item to open the Settings dialog window.

From the Settings dialog window choose the Extensions tab.

The Extensions tab presents three lists of extensions supported for Video, Audio, and Pictures files respectively.

If you want to add a new extension to any of these lists simply click on the chosen list and type in your desired extension (use the following format: *.extension, e.g. *.divx) and then click the OK button.

Now you may browse for files with the added extension when adding files to PC-Link.

  • You may always go back to default list of supported extensions simply by clicking the Default button.
  • You may always also add files with not-supported extensions simply by drag-and-dropping them into the PC-Link, or from the Choose a file dialog box by typing in the few first letters of the filename.
  • Although you may add files with any extension to the PC-Link, the player will still play only supported files (supported codecs in supported containers).For lists of supported files by KiSS players refer to the following articles.