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Who did this?

The man who made all this possible is MartinB . He took all the little pieces and glued them into one project, and the result is "Stage2".

General info

Stage2 is an alternative firmware, based on 1.1.7 firmware from kiss, for DP-558 (80-300GB) that makes the player better and fills it with much more cool stuff then the original firmware has.

Also look here:

Stage2 makes your 558 to a Linux server

OS: UClinux


You can control your 558 thrue a webbpage:

  • NEW! nvram and the nvramhtml let you change the settings in your 558 (languages and so on)
  • "Press" remote control buttons
  • Start CGI scripts
  • Check/inspect player info
  • Change background picture on the 558
  • Edit, change and make own HTML pages as you like
  • Schedule recordings
  • Use fsck.cgi to fix hard drive problems on your 558
  • The httpd can be protected

CGI and more

  • You can write your own CGI script or use those that other has writen. With them you can
  • Use KiSS as remote player for your winamp
  • Switch KiSS to audio out and power on
  • Backup/Restore data
  • Convert text to KML with txt2kml

KML (with your remote)

  • Use KML to change background picture on your 558 with your remote control
  • Run basic Linux commands and see the result on the TV screen


  • You can take control over the FTP server
  • It uses less memory when idle, than the original FW does.
  • The ftp is multiuser


  • Use telnet to connect to your 558 and use normal Linux commands to control it!!!
  • The telnet is multiuser
  • You can password protect telnet !

Extra stuff

  • NEW! Java KML Browser on the 558 web page
  • NEW! E-mail notify program
  • NEW! Shoutplayer
  • NEW! Frontbuttons -> 2 NEW extra functions:
When you HOLD the stop while power on you will start a "failsafe" boot (in case you made a error on the initscript) 

When you HOLD the "skip pref" frontbutton while power on you will start a fsck boot. * Only use this function for the last resort.
Better use the html version. So when you use this function you NEVER complain the recordings 
are gone because you would need to reformat anyway! 
  • Change the ftpd to an other if you like
  • Streamripper (experimental !) for recording shoutcast streams (no interface but it works)
  • cmdplayer (gpl audioplayer with pclink icecast/shoutcast and local mp3 support)
  • Posibility to release "patches" if needed to fix bugs (so please make a new buglist). These "patches" will be a internet update (so you dont need to reflash).

On the way

  • The samba support is removed (the bin was getting real large). But we will make a "module" so you can install this if you want by a "update command" OR you can install it by you self with help from here: http://www.mpcclub.com/modules.php?name=Forums&file=viewtopic&t=6226
  • Maybe also backup script for the system-part.... (channellist/reschd...etc etc)
  • Maybe use the web-forms x3m has made for image (background uploading) / selecting & for Configuratable items (enable disable protection / background etc..) and transform this in a CGI script (cause haserl is not working yet)....



Version D

  • so many people helped me with tips/advise/comment/testing that I don’t dare to name persons (I will forget some names)
  • look in the credits page of the new firmware

Version B

Tue Oct 11, 2005 8:13 pm: Credits; Thanks to:

  • Woodhead: for providing me the 200GB compatible 1.1.3 kernel
  • Patpowerman: for discovering (by luck Smile ) the ftp was related to the kernel
  • Raffe: for extensive testing on the FTP bug
  • Lord_kiron/Luislopezchat for discovering the "SCART bypass detection" bug Crying or Very sad

Version A

Sat Oct 01, 2005 11:51 pm: The following persons has helped me (directly or indirectly) on this project n fact, I just took all the little pieces and glued them into one project (random order Very Happy )

  • Sergey Lyubka: For his patience with me on the httpd source (he wrote the httpd server and took the time to answer all my questions and make all the modifications so it would run on the arm cpu)
  • lap: For telling me it was not possible to emulate the keystrokes on the remotecontroller (but did a great job on the fip decompiling)
  • StigPo: For proving the opposite and just hacked around and got it working (and shared the source)
  • pirlouwi: For giving me some samplecode for CGI programming and C sources on the bootstart. For writing the edit.cgi code and for testing and feedback.
  • AaronL: Who was kind to share his knowledge on the gooddvdstuff forum so I had some starting point
  • ET: Who has made some great documentation pages on his website
  • BIG: For responding to mail, and all the feedback on the gooddvdstuff forum
  • Doppie, Meneer_Aart, Trennel: For the background pictures
  • kiss-technology: For releasing a unfinished product so we can all try to improve it, and have a nice hobby
  • Mpeg-Playcenter: Hi-Jack for giving us a hangout place


This is not all, there is even more.

To know more about Stage2, it's better to install it ...

--X3m 09:06, 29 June 2007 (CEST)