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Download the firmware here


All older versions are absolute.

The newer version is always better then the older version so there is no reason to install a older version.

Burn the ISO

Burn the ISO file "as" a disc and make sure the following options are set in your burning program:

  1. "Disc At Once"
  2. "No Multi Session"
  3. "Finalize CD”
  4. Burn it at MAX 8-speed to CD-Rom (or CD-RW)
  5. Also check this guide

Installing Firmware


Now you need to be sure that your 558 has an Internet connection. If you don't have internet connection don't flash this firmware! You only need the internet on first boot, after first boot its not necessary. Instructions partly from this page (read under "Updating your KiSS Player").

  1. Turn on the player and insert the Firmware CD.
  2. Close the Drive and the player will display “To use this boot disk you need to restart the player”.
  3. Turn off the power to the player and then turn it back on.
  4. The player will boot from the CD, wait until the KiSS logo appear on the TV screen.
  5. You then have the option to do a full or a partial upgrade. The only difference is that:
    1. Partial update keep your configurations settings.
    2. Full delete everything.
    3. We recommend that you use the partial upgrade.
  6. When the upgrade is complete, the player will eject the CD, remove it to avoid the player re-running the update.
  7. Turn off the player's power and then turn it back on.
  8. Player will show message "WAIT/DOWNLOAD/INIT" after 30 seconds. On the first boot the player will download necessary files from internet (you will see some kind of counter on the lcd).
  9. Then you will see the message REBOOT and the kiss is rebooted atomatically.
    1. Disable ftp and pclink from setup menu (inetd wil take care of ftp)
  10. All done
  11. Now you can play around with Stage2.
    1. First check the IP number on your 558. E.g. Do this with your remote:
      1. Press SETUP -> "Ethernet - TCP/IP" -> "Show current TCP/IP settings" -> Write down your IP number (for example
    2. Try to connect to your 558 from your computer. E.g:
      1. Web server: Surf to (replace example with your IP)
      2. FTP server: Surf to
      3. Telnet on Windows XP: Start -> Run -> Write "cmd" -> OK -> Write "telnet" and press [Enter]
    3. Be careful with FTP and Telnet, don't delete files and/or change names on files if you don't know what you are doing Wink
    4. More help:
      1. Read the list of HOWTOs here
      2. Check the posts here

What is the difference between the R_B and R_D version? Look here

What is the difference between the R_A and R_B version? Look here

Firmware flash problems

Look here for more info about Firmware flash problems

Remove stage2

  1. Make a backup of your Stage2 directory (Optional)
  2. Reflash your player with a original firmware
  3. Erase the /hdd/stage2 directory with ftp (Optional)
  4. If you ran fsck.cgi before, then there will also be files in /systempart which you might want to delete:
cd /systempart
rm exec.cgi
rm index.html
rm fsck
rm goback.txt
rm fsck.cgi
rm httpd
rm reboot
rm shttpd.log
rmdir bmcache

The output of the last command should be:
lost+found (dir)

You can also skip 1 and 3 and do a reflash right away, but then you will have stage2 directory still on disk (about 12 MB extra data). It will not do anything bad, it will just be there. And on a 80 GB HD, 12 MB is nothing.

So this Stage2 is really nothing you need to be afraid of.

The only thing you need too be afraid of is that you get a power cut (current failure) DURING the reflash. So don't change your fuses during the reflash Twisted Evil (or one more thing could be that Kiss found the stage2 directory during a RMA , thanks for pointing that out B139B)

Do you need help?

If you need help, read the posts here.

Or read this wiki carefully