Generic Stage2 Problem solving TIPS en SOLUTIONS

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Error 14 on LCD while flashing

If you see this directly on the LCD

before the ERASE message then you have probably a bad CD

I suggest to reburn CD with low speed if this don’t work then try a other CD (I always use a CDRW) You can also try to create a bootDVD (Nero can do this)

IF this all fail then i suggest to flash a original kiss firmware cd and try this cd Then you will found out its not related to the stage2 firmware but related to your cd player

If you see this after +- 20%

This is just bad luck and now you player will not start just HOLD the eject button when power on then the tray will open and just reflash with same disc

No ftp/telnet or web console

On the first boot the player needs to download extra parts from internet if your download did fail for some reason then you will have this problem

To fix you can start in debug mode (reboot and press some button to enter debug) and then telnet to player from telnet type in


and now the download will start in console If this still fail then please send me the output so i can give it a look