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Html listen to port 80

In the /htmlroot/ there is a file index.html, which is the mainpage of the webconsole

There are some css files to change the layout (colors/fonts/tables/etc) of the pages

Change your background

Make Your Own Background

  1. FTP-Copy a backgroundpic from /hdd/stage2/img to your PC, rename for example to myownbackground.jpg and change the picture as you like (then you don't need to think about size an stuff ).
  2. FTP-Copy the new backgroundpic to /hdd/stage2/img.

Make New CGI

  1. FTP-Copy for example pic1.cgi from /hdd/stage2/htmlroot/cgi to your PC and rename for example to pic6.cgi (if it don't exist).
  2. Change the line "echo Picture Kiss Original Activated" to for example "echo Picture My Own Background Activated".
  3. Change the line "cp /hdd/stage2/img/kissorg.jpg /hdd/stage2/img/backdrop.jpg" to for example "cp /hdd/stage2/img/myownbackground.jpg /hdd/stage2/img/backdrop.jpg".
  4. FTP-Copy for example pic6.cgi to /hdd/stage2/htmlroot/cgi from your PC.
  5. Telnet to your KiSS and write:
chmod 777 /hdd/stage2/htmlroot/cgi/pic6.cgi

Change The HTML

  1. FTP-Copy cgi.html from /hdd/stage2/htmlroot to your PC.
  2. Open and under the line
<LI><A HREF="/cgi/pic0.cgi" TARGET="_top"><NOBR><CODE>Overlay</CODE></NOBR></A>: No background at all (by me:)

Write for example this:

<LI><A HREF="/cgi/pic6.cgi" TARGET="_top"><NOBR><CODE>MyOwnBackground</CODE></NOBR></A>: My Own Background
  1. FTP-Copy cgi.html from your PC to /hdd/stage2/htmlroot.

Now you can change to and from your own background from the 558 webbpage with these choices:

  • KISS Original: Original backdrop (kiss-technology)
  • Butterfly: Butterfly (Doppie)
  • Escher: Escher (Meneel Aart)
  • sf: Science Fiction (Trennel)
  • Overlay: No background at all (by me:)
  • MyOwnBackground: My Own Background