Internet Firmware Update

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With the latest stage2 firmware it is possible to make a firmware update without the need to burn a DVD/CD It is even possible to make a firmware update without a hard drive, but with a working nfs server, see NFS server setup.

The procedure to update is:

  • Be sure to have a working stage2 firmware installed
  • go to the webconsole and click on the webupdate icon (5th icon)
  • click on the link "update.cgi"
  • here you need to enter the update program provided on the forum or provided on email/pm
  • if download is ready you need to reboot your player in fw-update mode
  • press the "menu/setup" button when rebooting player
  • you will see the "normal" kiss update screen with a modified background
  • Just make a "partial update"
  • DONE!

You cant harm your player with this procedure. It uses the exact same flash program then the original. And the worst case scenario still can let you use a original firmware CD.