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To map your channels to the EPG, you have to do for each channel:

- Go on the channel with the remote of the DP558/VR558

- Press LIST on the DP558’s remote until you reach: “Configure EPG ID”

- Press PLAY/PAUSE (the biggest button on the remote)

- Chose the country where the channel is from

- Chose the right channel

Detailed procedure for mapping the channels.

Step 1: Quick Setup + HDD Initialize + Scan Auto Channels

Step 2: Go to each channel in normal TV mode, and click on "LIST", followed by "ENTER", this is how you assign an EGP ID to the channel.

Note that you need to know which channel you are looking at when clicking on the LIST button. (CNN, MTV etc...)

Go the Country of the Channel (Like BBC = UK and CNN = US) and select the channel you where looking at when pressing the LIST/ENTER. Confirm the ID and repeat this step for every channel you wish to map.

Here's the good part, these Channels which you connect with an ID are auto added to your Favorites.

Step 3: After all channels have been assigned, go to Advanced Setup (SETUP on remote) and walk through the advanced setup. Especially pass by the Channel Manager where you will see channels listed like:

1 - VTM

2 - VRT

3 - CNN

instead of




Arrange the channels list as you wish by pressing Enter on a channel and move it up or down. Done, you now can successfully use the EPG with the Channel ID's correctly added to the channels.