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1. Subfolders that have same name like

Artist 1

Album 1

Artist 2

Album 2

Renaming the subfolders can resolve this issue or you can configure PC-Link to use XML to list the files.

This is done from the registry in Windows .Please note that while changing this PC link will clear the files that you have added to the program

1) Press START and select RUN

2) Type "regedit" and press OK (this will open the registry)

3) Here you will find the following folder -KEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARES\KiSS Technology\KiSS PC Link\

4) Here you set "usexml"(dword) value to 1 to use XML or 0 to disable it again

5) Then restart PC Link and add your files again

2. WMV9 / Nero files not found in the PC-Link

WMV9 playback requires a lot of bandwidth. If you experience a WMV9 file with jerky playback, try playing it back over PC-Link for better performance. To add WMV9 files to your PC-Link you need to do the following:

1. Open PC-Link on your computer.

2. Right Click in the "Video" tab.

3. Select "Add Files".

4. Select the folder where your WMV9 file is.

5. Insert an asterisk (*) in the "File Name" box and press enter to see all files.

6. Select the file (or multiple files) you would like to add and press "Open".

You're done. Your file has now been added to your PC-Link and you should be able to play it from the PC-Link tab in the menu of your player.