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Kissdx is a multimedia streaming server, developed to work with the PClink menu item in the main menu on the KiSS player. It is basically the same functionality as with stuff located at the KiSS harddisk. But kissdx has many more features and are able to stream many more file formats then the KiSS player can do on its own. (ISO files for one)

PClink connects to port 8888 on the server and kissdx presents the content of three directory's: audio, video and pictures. These can be located on the servers harddisk or on a NAS or other remote storage device mounted on the server. As the video files usually takes op a lot of space, you should plan carefully how you make the layout of your disk.


FreeBSD: (Not implemented yet, as of march 2008 But will be soon. You might contact me for info)

pkg_add -r kissdx


At first you must configure the three directory's, where you store your stuff. It can all be in the same directory if you wish. Kissdx will only show what it can use. Often the default of other settings will suffice for a start.


edit /usr/local/etc/kissdx.conf

Change path to your disk layout
# paths for the media files
audiopath       =       /media/audio
videopath       =       /media/video
picturepath     =       /media/picture

Set to start at boot:


edit /etc/rc.conf

Insert this line:

Start the service manually:


kissdx_server start

Now you are ready. Just need to add some content :O) Take a look at the manual

--Simon Rigét 00:05, 29 March 2008 (CET)