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I typical setup would be to have a windows desktop computer and the Unix server running headless somewhere else.

SSH Terminal

Putty is a brilliant yet simple terminal emulator. Its just one exe file. You download it to your program folder and make a shortcut to it on the desktop etc. You can get it at:
You can set up some nice profiles.


Samba act as a MS windows file and printer server, so you can access folders on the server, just as on you desktop, except Its a lot slower. Samba is a very good windows network server. So if you don't have a domain server already, samba is a good choice.



pkg_add -r samba3


All configuration are done in the smb.conf file located in your local etc dir.

edit /usr/local/etc/smb.conf

In the global section set the following variables:

workgroup = <work group name or MSHOME as default>
server string = <Choose something like: Multimedia server>
load printers = no

if you don't have another windows server running:
domain master = yes 

Match this to your local settings. This is for scandinavia.
# charset setting
display charset = iso-8859-1
unix charset = iso-8859-1
dos charset = CP865

Create a samba user

Before you can access the server you have to create a user. This in NOT the same as the Unix user. But for simplicity you can use the same name as in you login account.

smbpasswd -aU <bruger navn>  ; bruger navn skal findes i master.passwd. (brug vipw)

Start and boot

To make samba start right away:

/usr/local/etc/rc.d/samba forcestart

To access it, open a folder and in the address line, type \\<server wins name or IP address>. It will then ask you for the username and password you created above. Make it remember it and make a shortcut - and your in business

Make samba start at boot time:


edit /etc/rc.conf

Add the following lines somewhere:

--SR 07:13, 20 March 2008 (CET)