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New way how startup works

In the first stage2 versions I did use the "insmod hack" to start the stage2 firmware (need to explain the insmod hack)

From version stage2_rh I use a "preinit" to start stage2 this is a cleaner way to start the firmware because I dont need to change the insmod routine from busybox this routine is based on the info from keestux) => need to add a link to keestux

Its also the only way to start the firmware without the need to start the kissinit (to much details, will try to explain some other time)

The "preinit" wil start for 2 seconds and listen to the frontbuttons and remotebuttons from the dp-558/vr-558 and all other kiss models

The implemented scancodes (for now) are:


1 button = stop/eject 
= full debug mode
no kiss init

2 button = play/pause
= kiss_debug mode
with kiss init

3 tuner/record button 
= fsck mod
no kiss init

4 button prev
= custom button
no kiss init

5 button next
= flashfirmware button
flash init


1 button = play/pause/enter
= full debug mode
no kiss init

2 button = stop
= kiss_debug mode
with kiss init

3 skip/prev/left 
= fsck mod
no kiss init

4 skip/next/right
= custom button
no kiss init

5 menu/setup
= flashfirmware button
flash init

Remotebuttons while booting

eject = function 1
left = functions 2
enter/pause = funtion 3
right = function 4
back = function 5

FSCK Errorcodes

If you hold the "skip/prev/left" (dp-558) or the tuner/record (vr-558) then the player will
start fsck from rom (so even if your harddisc did not download the stage2 parts)

you will see some info on the lcd after +- 20 minutes
if you see a number within 2 minutes you can be sure that the fsck did not work

If you see a number after +- 20 minutes you can use the folowing info

0 = all ok (takes +- 20 minutes)
1 = fsck ok, problems are fixed
2 = ?
4 = Inodes that were part of a corrupted orphan linked list found.  / RUN fsck MANUALLY.
8 = Input/output error /dev/discs/disc0/part2: Error allocating inode bitmap (6): Operation not permitted e2fsck: aborted 

If you have error 4 or 8 you need to:

  • Start your player in Failsafe mode (button 2)
  • Telnet to your player and try to run these commands:
cd /systempart
umount /hdd
/systempart/fsck -x 32000 -X /systempart/bmcache -vf /dev/discs/disc0/part2

Its also possible that you have a error on your /systempart/bmcache then i advise to create a other dir like:

/systempart/bmc2 and run
/systempart/fsck -x 32000 -X /systempart/bmc2 -vf /dev/discs/disc0/part2

And dont forget to run fsck on your first partition if you get this kind of error to fix your systempart

So create:
/hdd/bmcache with "mkdir /hdd/bmcache" and run

fsck -x 32000 -X /hdd/bmcache -vf /dev/discs/disc0/part1

NFS howto use

From version stage2_rh you can use the nvram to enable nfs

You can enable this option with the webconsole

The meaning of the NFS settings and their possible values:

*NFS mount:

*NFS mountpoint:

*Stage2 state:


*Ethernet NFS server Address: IP address of your NFS server
** a valid IPv4 address

example 1

Suppose you have a dp-500 and want to emulate a harddrive You then need to set:

*NFS mount:      Enabled
*NFS mountpoint: HDD
*Stage2 state:   Dont care
*NFS TYPE:       Dont care

example 2

Suppose you have a dp-508 and want to use your working nfs server as the internal harddrive (so you "replace" your existing harddrive for the NFS share)

*NFS mount:      Enabled
*NFS mountpoint: HDD
*Stage2 state:   Dont care
*NFS TYPE:       Force

example 3

Suppose you have a vr-558 and want to mount your nfs server on the /hdd/mnt (dont forget to create this dir!, fixed in RC14)

*NFS mount:      Enabled
*NFS mountpoint: MNT
*Stage2 state:   Dont care
*NFS TYPE:       Dont care

More details on how to set up a NFS server.

Sourcecode for the preinit