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Matrix 1.1.7 => 1.1.8

I sure wil make a stage2 version but we first wil need to find out what parts are related to the change


  • digital audio related to => /khwl.o/mediaplayer/init ?? => khwl.o
  • mp3 tags related to => mediaplayer/init ? => init


  • mp3 missing first second related to ? => khwl.o/mediapalyer/init ?? => ??
  • xvid/divx files hangs sometime on 100% complete related to ? => mediaplayer ??

polarbear reports New problems:

  • After playing DTS DVD, no analog sound when watching TV in digital audio mode. Requires reboot to restore sound.
  • Several older media files (Babylon 5 ) and even some new TV series rips refuses to play over network (stuck at 100% in display). These media files was working with 1.1.7. Will investigate further.

And so on, so we will know what kind of mix we can make.

I hope most bugs are mediaplayer related so we can use more then 1 mediaplayer