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If you don't know anything about UNIX and don't want to spend time learning, you should probably go for a windows server.

The advantage of using a UNIX server is:

  • you can use a PC that's too old for windows and it performs well under UNIX
  • It's very stable. I have had a FreeBSD machine running for years without ever having been restarted
  • You can do anything with it, that can be done on other systems and servers
  • The software are almost always free
  • There are a lot of support to be had on the net

When choosing which UNIX to use, you might go with the one you know. I find that FreeBSD is the best choice:

  • Its the most stable of the free OS'es do to the professionalism behind all its development
  • Its easy to update and install system and applications, binary (with out compilation)
  • There are a lot of development going on, especially since it is used in Mac OSX

On the downside is that it isn't as commonly used as Linux. Therefore the drivers for new devices are a little slower to emerge and new software are usually available a month or so later. But since I use old hardware, and the software releases are better tested, that's not a problem to me.

These are the major packageds to install:

  • Samba File sharing system compatible with windows
  • Apache2 Webserver. Makes it posible to serve your own KML menus.
  • PHP5 Script language for above.
  • Mplayer Media player software packed, that can be used from the command line.(Note: Mplayer most usually be recompiled on your machine to work well)
  • kissdx Streaming server
  • KiSS CE A server that Automatic colection of files from KiSS player and encode them + other uses.

(Since most poeple uses MS windows or Mac OSX on there desktops, that is assumed here after)

Please add instalation instructions for your prefered OS

--SR 00:34, 20 December 2007 (CET)