Wireless ADHOC connection (without Internet/Router)

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Wireless ADHOC connection (without Internet / Router):

This particular connection type is termed as the ADHOC connection mode. The simplest way is to enter the IP configuration menu of the KiSS player, and then set the interface to wireless. Connection type should be set to ADHOC. Now you can enter any network name you like and set the encryption you like. (WEP preferred). When this is done, restart the player. Then set the pc to search for the network connections. and select the wireless network name as configured above and configure the encryption key. Then enter the network connections under the control panel, open the properties for the adapter (wireless here) that is connected to the player. Select the properties for the internet protocol (TCP/IP)

  IP address   :
  Subnet mask  :

On the KiSS player select MENU and then set the DHCP Client to OFF.

Select the "Enter static IP address for the player”

  IP address	:
  Subnet Mask	:
  Gateway	: (This is the IP address of the pc!!!)
  DNS		: (This is the IP address of the pc!!!)

This completes the procedure to set the player as well as the pc in the same IP range.

Select MENU on the player and enter the PC Link menu and then select "Enter IP for the KiSS PC Link" and enter the IP address as (your PC’s IP address once again!!!). Restart the player and look out for the files under the pc link menu for the audio, video and picture files.