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Stage2 is an alternative firmware for KiSS DVD players that makes the player better and fills it with much more cool stuff then the original firmware has. It is based on the original firmware and still uses parts of it.

It all started when MartinB in 2005 got a DP-558 player and ended up being disappointed. That led to a community development of Stage2 firmware.

Why use Stage2 Firmware?

There is a lot Stage2 can do for you.

Basic users

  • This firmware utilized less memory than the original one.
  • The FTP server is only started on demand, saves memory and increases stability.
  • Complete remote control from you web browser.
  • If you have external storage with NFS support you can mount it on your KiSS player, so the player will see it as an internal drive.

Advanced users

  • Your player can be used as a Linux server
  • You can telnet to your player
  • You can create a multiple user environment
  • You can protect the FTP server
  • You can protect the internal web server
  • You can use your player as a KML server
  • You can use stream ripper to rip mp3 streams
  • You can run fsck to repair the file system on your hard drive
  • You can execute CGI scripts from web server
  • You can start player in failsafe mode using the front buttons
  • You can flash an other firmware without using a CD/DVD
  • You can use cron to schedule jobs
  • You can use a PDA to use the PDA front page

Latest Version

Player Version Releasedate ChangeLog Bug Tracking Download
DP-500 1.0 24/8/2008 Changelog Bugs
DP-508 1.0 24/8/2008 Changelog Bugs
DP-1500 1.0 soon Changelog Bugs -
DP-1504 1.0 soon Changelog Bugs -
DP-558 RF 24/9/2006 Changelog Bugs
DP-558 RH betatest Changelog Bugs -
VR-558 RH betatest Changelog Bugs -
DP-600 - not planned - - -
DP-1600 - not planned - - -

Work in progress

We are currenly re-organizing the Stage2 pages. Below is a list of the old pages.

Volunteers are welcome! Just register!